Since 1996, “The Bandits Difference” is what separates the Indiana Bandits from all other youth baseball organizations.  The Bandits organization and its dedicated coaches and volunteers are focused on not just total player development but total person development.  The number one goal of the Bandits is to field high-level competitive baseball teams full of skilled, hardworking and motivated young boys and men who represent the Bandits, their families and themselves with honor and integrity – both on and off the field.

     The Bandits stress fundamentals, discipline and sportsmanship.  We also promote a strong work ethic both on the field and in the classroom.  We encourage our kids to work as hard or harder in the classroom as they do in practice and during a game.  To impress upon the kids how important education is to their future, whether you are a baseball player or not, we provide special recognition to each player who displays academic excellence during the school year.  That’s “The Bandits Difference.”

     Youth travel baseball at its inception was designed to give kids a future in baseball by playing more games against a higher level of competition.  Unfortunately, many travel baseball teams are constructed and operated in a way that far too often takes away a kids future in baseball by promoting winning above all else – including the health and well-being of the young boys and men in their organization.  The Bandits maximize a player’s development while ensuring that they stay healthy by avoiding the “overuse” injuries that are all too common in travel baseball.  To help ensure the health and safety of our players, the Bandits are proud to partner with Accelerated Rehabilitation for our sports medicine needs.          

     Over the years, the Bandits have partnered with medical and sports medicine providers to provide each Bandits player, free of cost, with a throwing mechanics evaluation.  Using state of the art computer technology, each Bandits player received a slow-motion video breakdown of their entire throwing motion with point by point identification of areas of concern relating to each player’s throwing mechanics and their risk of future injury.  After a review of the video analysis, the medical and sports medicine consultants recommended whatever changes to a player’s throwing mechanics that are necessary to best ensure a long and healthy playing career.  That’s “The Bandits Difference.”    

     At its core, travel baseball is designed to be highly competitive and the Bandits play baseball at an extremely high level.  Our teams’ schedules are constructed in a manner that mixes both quality exhibition games with competitive tournaments. We play top level teams from around the state as well as several teams from other states.  Teaching and playing baseball at a high level has allowed well over 100 former Bandits players to sign college commitments and play baseball at the collegiate level.  Bandits players have played baseball at some of the top athletic and academic institutions throughout the county including Indiana University, Purdue University, University of Michigan, University of Missouri, Ohio State University, University of Louisville, University of Mississippi and Yale University.  Many of those players later went on to play professionally. 

     Unfortunately, playing travel baseball at the highest levels puts a lot of stress on the families of the players, both in terms of time and energy as well as financially.  The Bandits understand and appreciate the sacrifices that families make to provide their child with a quality travel baseball experience. So, unlike many travel baseball organizations, the Bandits offer a wide variety of fundraising opportunities that enable many Bandits players to play at a reduced fee or, in some cases, to play for free!  Also, unlike many travel baseball organizations, the fundraising dollars raised by your family go almost entirely to pay for your child’s fees – and not to the Bandits.  For example, if your child sells a $300 sponsorship sign, $250 goes toward paying your child’s fees.  The remaining $50 is used to pay for sign.  $0 goes to the Bandits. That’s “The Bandits Difference.” 

     Come experience “The Bandits Difference” by contacting us or visiting one of our practices or games.